The Girl from Ipanema:

Take the first part of your practice time to practice the B section’s last phrase with the chords (mm. 23-26). When you feel confident with that part, play the complete B section a few times. Since this is the most difficult part of the song, make sure you feel confident with it before trying the whole song.


Practice the Overworld Theme. It would help if you can hear the song a few times before playing it. That will strengthen your memory. Make sure to memorize the whole song.

Piano Adventures: Read Mozart’s Five Names. Remember that mm. 1-2 and 3-4 have the same notes in both hands (different octaves).

Work on your song. If you want to finish it, write a closure. If you decide that you want to make a second part, bring ideas next class.


Practice the A section of Little Piece (mm. 1- 16). Go slow, and count the beats at all times. Pay attention to the accidentals in the piece, and respect the phrasing lines.


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