Practice The Girl From Ipanema with the metronome (50 bpm). The idea is that you can keep going even in you make mistakes. Remember to think about what’s next (the triplet, the chord change, or the count) when you have long notes. That will help you to keep pace between parts.

For the A section of the song, try to play the melody while your left hand plays the root note and the 5th of the chord along with the beat.

Please take a look at Tchaikovsky’s Theme to refresh it, since we will work on it next class.


Piano Adventures, p. 42 “The Dance Band”. Read for the next class. Make sure he is counting on the half notes.


“Paper Airplane”, p. 24: read for next week. When you have both hands together, make sure you are playing octaves (same note in both hands, different octaves). Make sure you are playing  f in mm. 9-10 and p in mm. 11-12.

Practice the Overworld theme.

If you want, play the Gravity Falls opening and try to figure out the melody!


“Little Piece”: Play section A with a slow metronome. Make sure you are respecting silences and beats. For the B section, practice the jumps between bars 20-21; 22-23.
For mm.27-35, play in a loop until you feel comfortable. Then try the metronome as well.

Bring new songs for the next class.