Slurred String Crossings
? initiate string crossings with elbow before the wrist (ascending especially)
? Turn corner on A string a bit more

G major 2 octaves
? get the hand fully out of the string for the shift
? Try not to change speed of shift
? Shift on old finger, switch to new finger last minute

D major 2 octaves
? Create space and stepping between 1st and 2nd finger
? Left arm up IN ADVANCE when descending to lower strings.
? Work on speeding it up

Position pieces
Tired tortoise
? work on rhythms for string crossings
? Long short and short
? Second half smoother and quieter than
? Think bow arm higher for string crossings, and in upper half
? Loop that bar
Whale Song
? C drone for first half
? G drone for second half
? Name the notes and positions :)
? Think of walking the fingers over the strings

Minuet no. 2
? longer bows – don’t add dots where they don’t exist
? Careful triplet rhythm. I’m still hearing sixteenths and an eighth
? Low c and high c need to match. (High C is too High)
? Don’t forget about the bow and bow hand!
? From memory in front of mirror
? Add dynamics


Book 2: