Slurred String Crossings

  • very smooth
  • try to do it even slower

G minor harmonic

  • when doing one note per bow, make sure to use the whole bow
  • keep going with G drone
  • tendency to be a bit sharp
  • think Fsharp and G really close
  • work on shift, no stopping for shift. Less of a shift and place, more of a shift directly to the note
  • pay attention to where the semitones are
  • repeat and slur the shift with a D or Eflat drone
  • work on two notes per bow

G minor Arppeggio

  • G Bflat D
  • lower Bflat
  • work on 1 note per bow

G major arppeggio

  • keep working on 6 per bow, increase speed
  • try not to use even more bow for the shift

Vibrato exercise

  • keep working your way to 4 oscillations
  • do not push the finger flat, or squeeze the hand
  • keep the thumb under the cello
  • free bowing
  • try first finger on all strings
  • remeber to keep entire hand ready t play other notes
  • work in front of mirror

Invisible Target

  • work with E and A drone
  • practice stoping on all second position A’s and plucking at the same time as the open A
  • 4th finger tendency to be sharp in 2nd position
  • bow a harmonic the same as you bow any other note
  • work on adding bow and increasing tempo. always pluck first and check intonation

Minuet No. 1

  • careful that bow during pianos isnt too soft. Think about doing dynamics with bow speed, amount of bow and proximity to bridge.
  • more carful shift practice. careful listening to ringing tones. Even in first position, check the 4th finger.
  • practice shift with tuner instead of doublestops/drone