Slurred String crossings

  • dropping elbow when coming to frog on A string


  • very good
  • keep thinking about sinking into the string for the lower strings
  • maintain pitch
  • work on geting upto 6 oscillations
  • work on all fingers on all strings

G minor harmonic

  • work on 4 per bow
  • try to release more from the string when shifting

D major

  • 1×24 1×24 124 124 134
  • D E Fsharp – G A B – Csharp D E – Fsharp G A – B Csharp D
  • raise left arm for shift, especially for lower strings
  • pluck and say the note names, as well as what posiiton you’re in.
  • ¬†positions: extended 1st, extended fourth, upper third, 2nd position, first position
  • upper third: a semi tone bellow fourth position

Invisible target

  • practice second position shifting exercise
  • practice e to fsharp shift: repeat and slur, sliding slur, and separate bows hiding the shift in the bow change
  • harmonic shift, shift on old finger old string, high string crossing in bow change
  • increase tempo
  • make sure to make your hand smaller in second position

Pachyderm parade

  • pluck for next week
  • D major

Minuet No 1

  • work with a metronome. tendency to get faster on eigth notes. 90 bpm for the quarter notes
  • left arm up for lower strings
  • sometimes first finger is sharp in both 1st and 2nd position. close hand in second position. 4th finger is a little higher.
  • keep working with tuner and drone. Super slowly for intonation

Start plucking minuet no 3.





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