Glad to see you’re feeling better this week!

D major two octaves

  • extensions are looking really good. Make sure to keep practicing with a D drone
  • nice thumb movement on the extension
  • tend to over compensate and end up too LOW when moving back into regular first position
  • Work on 2 and 4 notes per bow

2nd position shifting exercise

  • increase tempo -> use less bow
  • remember arm motion. Lift before shift, shift, lower left arm and sink into string

practice 3rd position shifting

  • replace 4th finger with 1st finger. same exercise, different finger
  • remember as we move up the instrument, the fingers get closer together


  • make bow more connected
  • don’t let quarter notes get too short
  • bow should be in middle lane -try to play from memory and watch contact point
  • raise left arm before the shift
  • isolate shift in half bar, or single beat.


  • practice with a G drone
  • if you struggle with the bowing, pluck it through first
  • raise the arm before the shift, look ahead in the music, always atleast by a beat


  • make sure quarters, rests and eighth notes are all in the same tempo
  • increase tempo with metronome
  • make a difference in the dynamic between mf and forte
  • work with metronome on half note: 55-60