G major

  • always playing on the tip of the 4th finger
  • shifting back into tall fingers not flat fingers


  • when going from D string to B on the A string, walk the first finger accross and then lift the other fingers

D major

  • when going at a faster tempo, prepare the thumb and first finger extension sooner, as well as the string crossings with the bow


  • increase tempo
  • practice with drone


  • work on checking fsharp and A in 2nd position on the D string.
  • really feeling the difference in spacing when moving between positions
  • practice the whole piece in quarter notes

Sitting in the shade

  • lots of slow intonation practice
  • plucking first
  • no reaching with the four
  • when adding the bow pay attention to dynamics and bow distribution.
  • work on checking 4th finger in 2nd posiiton with open string

Minuet No. 2

  • Higher 4th finger in 1st position on the G string (C natural). Should match the open C string. Get left arm up.
  • make sure you are still doing slow drone practice
  • mm. 19 is mezzo forte
  • triplet needs to be a little slower :)

Long Long Ago

  • practice with a metronome to increase the tempo: 60-80
  • listen for ringing 4th fingers.
  • make a big difference between smooth and seperated slurred notes


where to upload your recital video: https://www.music-lessonsca/important-reminder-recital-changes/