G minor harmonic

  • extension with 1st finger, not 2nd
  • when extending, try not to push your elbow forward
  • look in mirror, make sure shoulders are squarred

G minor melodic

  • ascending: lowered third, normal 6 and 7
  • descending: lowered 3 6 and 7

G minor Arppeggio

  • try not to flatten fingers out when extending

Lee 1

  • no fishing with the bow on the A string
  • opening elbow hinge as you move to the A (bow)
  • practice with G and C drone
  • think of string crossings as continuous motion
  • make sure quarter notes aren’t too long
  • goal tempo is 60 for the quarter note

Lee 2

  • pluck first
  • try not to collapse the 4th finger
  • think about left arm height on varrying string
  • C drone


  • try not to push elbow forward when extending
  • D in extended 2nd position, A string, needs to be higher
  • level out shoulders, don’t push left wrist down
  • goal tempo = 70
  • add dynamics

Hunter’s Chorus

  • increase tempo
  • G drone with slow practice
  • practice in front of a mirror: to watch shoulders and straight bow
  • goal tempo is 90 for the quarter note
  • sixteenth notes with string crossings: move arm up and down less, use less bow, watch bow angle