Scales: Practice with both hands, two octaves. Remember to put the thumb in C and F in the right hand, and C and G in the left hand.

Happy Birthday: Play the chords with the left hand and the melody in the right hand.
(C major –> C-E-G; G major –> G-B-D; F major –> F-A-C)

Make a list of videogames you like.

María Ines:

Dandelions: Practice the chorus, so you can reach the tempo of the rest of the song.

F Major Scale: Both hands as in the s book’s sequence.

Before you go: Search for the lyrics. Figure out where the first beat goes.


Put a rhythmic base and let her improvise in the keyboard. You can change between hands, white keys/black keys, etc.

Piano Adventures, p. 72-73 (“Oh, I love snack time”), with a metronome, or tapping the tempo.


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