Nice work on Eye of the Tiger, keep it up! Focus on the intro and the riff this week. Remember the 2 ways to build up to the speed of the intro: quarter notes to eighth notes to sixteenth notes as well as to start with sixteenth notes and increase speed slowly. Try both! Work on the Resistance this week. We will finish that one next time. Nice work!


Great work on the new tunes! Practice Viva la Vita and Early Morning Rain this week. Keep working on Midnight Rider. It is really tricky but there are some great things to learn from it. Start by getting that D bar chord shape (from the A string). Then try to get the riff going underneath it. Remember the concept is we are playing a D chord, and playing a moving bass line underneath it. Great job!


I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor is sounding awesome. Keep practicing it! Nice work on Here I Go Again today! Practice those bar chord shapes for next time. They are very important! We will keep working on this one next time! Keep bringing in tunes you want to learn. Great work!


Nice work today! Practice Don’t Go Slow this week. We did not get to the bridge but we will go over it next time. Work on increasing the speed if you can. Have a listen to the song, it will help a lot! Next time, we will work towards making the single notes into full chords. Nice job!


Twist and Shout sounds great! Nice work on Here Comes the Sun! It is tough, but it is a great one to know. The part we went over today is the intro, both the riff and the chords. Next time we will learn the rest on the song. Great work!


Nice work today! Perfect is sounding really good. Remember to use the proper rhythm when playing through the chords. Each chord plays 12 times (count to 3, 4 times). Remember to accent the “1” when counting, as it is really important for feel and not getting lost. Practice the two sections we went over. We will finish this song next time. Bring in another song you want to learn! Nice job!