Good job today! We’ll keep reading that snare etude next lesson. Keep working on your rolls and try practicing offbeats with a metronome (only play on “and”).


Your reading ability is really coming along nicely! Focus on making sure you hit the drum more consistently this week (less extraneous motion) and work on the paradiddles you are less familiar with.

Try speeding up the first reading exercise of lesson 1 and make it feel like a solo.


Try to grab a copy of “stick control” for yourself, it will stick with you for life especially if you decide to pursue a career in music.

Also, some free electronic resources you can use:

“drum dictionary” free on Apple devices (I have not found an android alternative) is a collection of drum beats with a built in metronome that you can play along with.

“Vic Firth 40 essential rudiments” which should be the first link with a Google search. Also something you can play along with; try to aim for silver on every rudiment category, just focus on paradiddles this week though.

I’ll help you learn notes on the xylophone if you want and we can work on your overall reading ability for the next while.

Happy winter everyone!