Piano Adventures pp. 26-27.

For “Planetarium”, remember to repeat the first line. Choose a comfortable tempo for the quarter notes, and remember to follow it for the half notes. Try to use the dynamics (volume markers) indicated: f is loud, mf is moderately loud, and p is soft.

Read as much of “Minuet” as possible.

Maria Ines:

F major scale with both hands in parallel and contrary motion (as seen before with G major). Remember to practice slowly, paying attention to the fingering (5-4-3-2-1-3-2-1 in the left hand; 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 in the right hand).

“In the Stars” practice the right hand first. Remember that the Bb chords with the different bass (Bb/F and Bb/D) go in the fourth time (you play them just once), followed by the Eb. This means that the Gm chords only last three times.
After figuring out the right hand, add the bass in octaves in the left hand.


Piano Adventures Primer Level: pp. 36. Pay attention to the dynamics (p is soft, mf is moderately loud, f is loud), the rhythm (count ‘two’ for the half notes), and the hand. If possible, read p. 37.

“How You Like That” : practice the bit seen in class.