“Allegro in D major”: Review the last four bars of the piece, specially the notes indicated in class. Practice that passage slowly, paying special attention to those notes.

“Ice Skaters”: practice with the dynamics indicated. Before playing, think a tempo that suits you for the eight notes. After that, think what the quarter note is in that tempo and start playing at that tempo.

“Snowball Rag”: Read the first page with separate hands. Be careful with the fingering for the chromatic scale, and focus in the left hand chord changes in particular.


Piano Adventures p. 72 “Oh! I Love Snack Time”: Play it from beginning to end (72-73) without stopping. Keep your fingers on the keyboard all the time, so you don’t have to reposition them every few notes.


“Super Mario Theme”: Practice up to what we saw in class. Try not to stop in between parts.
Piano Adventures p. 15 “The Haunted Mouse”: Remember to play the A in the left hand when it is indicated. Read with both hands until the end.


“Sonatina in C major” – 2nd movement: Study the first page with both hands. While reading try to identify the chords the composer used in the arpeggios. Study the fingering in mm. 9-10 (when you reach the F in the left hand, move your hand immediately so the 4th finger is over E).

“Snow on the Beach”: Memorize the lyrics, so you can focus on singing and playing. Study with a metronome.