Practice reading the music of Ode to Joy that I gave you.  Your work on the Firefly song is excellent, you’ve learned so much so quickly!
Work this week on making sure your fingers are curved and that you hit each key with the tips of your fingers.  This is very important.
Good work!

Work on the music of Rain Rain go Away.  Remember to keep your fingers curved and your hand relaxed.  Practice playing the keys one at a time, don’t hold down all the keys as you play.
Think up another story we can make sound effects for.  One that involves your friend Rocky.  Good work!

Good work this week.  Try playing the Waltz faster so that you feel you can dance to it.  A waltz is a very lilting dance, not slow.  Work on Oompa-Pa. Play the first two lines 10 times in a row.  You are working to make it sound really easy and effortless.  Work on the second half to learn the notes.  You’re doing great!

Great work this week!  You learned about rests very quickly, I’m proud of you.  Keep working through your book after the last check mark.  Write the names of the notes under each line for Ode To Joy.
Soon we will find a book of songs for you to work on.  Perhaps Eduardo would let you borrow one of his.  Good work!

Your work on Sherlock is really wonderful! Practice playing it really really steadily so there is no hesitation when you play.  This means playing is slower until you feel really confident with the finger patterns.  Don’t forget to SWING!  Start learning the Minuet piece.  Good work this week!

Your work on My Country Tis of Thee is very good.  Work on making it very smooth without any hesitations. Play it slowly …so slow that it feels weird…that way your fingers will remember the patterns better.  Please work on learning Down in the Valley for next time.  If you feel like it, look at the “This is Not Jingle Bells” song. No pressure.  Good work!

You are doing great!  I hear the work you’ve done on the Brave song.  It is much improved!  This week sing from the big song book when you sing along with the recording.  Get used to looking at the notes on the page.  You might have to do it several times to get used to it.  This is important though.  Over the Rainbow is very good, your voice is getting stronger.  Remember to try the nasal tone when singing this song.  Do this several times till it feels normal.  This is how your voice will get a bit stronger.  Good work my dear!

How nice to see you on a Wednesday night.  You’ve done very well with your monster song.  I think you are are almost at the point of memorizing it yes?  Remember that when you have each character sing their verse that you make each voice very distinct.  Also, make sure that your character can sing all the notes of the piece, then you can add extra drama to their parts any place you want.  Remember to be gentle with your voice on the high notes.  Good work!