Keep working on Smells like Teen Spirit, it’s sounding great. Keep working on those “dead” rhythmic strums where you aren’t pressing down. I want you to find a way of doing this which is functional and comfortable for you. Keep working on I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor for next time. Practice those picking exercises we worked on: up and down the strings starting with both down and up strokes for the pattern. Do the same exercise hitting 2 strings at once also. Keep working on The Snake too. Try your best to keep your fingers down, and get an even tone and rhythm for this exercise. Great work!


Keep working on Seven Nation Army and Another One Bites The Dust, they sound awesome. Practice Under Pressure for next week, both the riff and the chords (D A G D). Practice the Snake exercise also, going up and down the strings. Remember to leave your fingers down the best you can. Nice job, you’re doing great!