Keep working on Heartbreaker and Black Dog, those sound great. Practice Can’t Stop for next week. Try to incorporate alternating picking into these tunes. Practice that picking exercise we worked on: up and down the strings, starting with both down and up strokes. Do the same exercise but skip strings (E D, A G, D B, G E). Practice the Snake, focusing on rhythm and alternating picking. We will do Dani California next time. Nice Job!


Good work today! Work on Waving Flag for next time. Remember the chords are C F Am G. Try to work on the melody too, we will keep working at it. Keep practicing Roar and all of your chords too. Nicely done!


Keep working on I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor, it sounds great. Keep trying to incorporate a pick into your playing, it will help immensely with this kind of music. Practice that song with a pick and the picking pattern I showed you. Also try to work out that “dead strum” technique, it will really come in handy. Nice work with the scales too. We did G major in the lesson, try to work out D major. Also I would love to see you move away from reading and try to memorize more, but no rush. Great job!


Nice work on Purple Haze, keep it up! Next we will work on the feel of this tune. Practice the chords, and next time we will work on the strumming pattern. Try to practice with a pick more, I think you will find it useful and it is a great skill to have. Practice those minor bar chord shapes from the E and A string. Work on the Sweater Song for next time. Great job!


Keep working on In My Life, it sounds great. Work on Let it Be for next time. Practice the chords and melody for both. Keep working on Birk’s Works and Blue Monk, playing the melody and harmony. Also practice soloing over both tunes (find loops on YouTube of a Bb blues and Cm blues). Keep the soloing ideas in mind we talked about: play like you are talking. Leave space, use punctuation, talk in phrases. Try to use multiple scale ideas at once too. Great work.


Great to meet you! I am excited to work together! Try to memorize Someone Like You for next time. We might learn the melody to this one next time. Also practice that song we worked on from your book, playing every chord in bar chord shapes. Focus on the transitions between chords also, trying to create a smooth tone and rhythm. Also practice the Snake exercise for next time. Create your own patterns to practice too. Nice work!