Keep working on Bad Moon Rising, it sounds great! Keep practicing the transitions between chords. Work on Let It Be for next time. Focus on the F chord especially, and try moving that shape around. Start with the bar on your first finger, and then try to incorporate the other fingers. Remember to arch those fingers and use the tips of your fingers.


Keep working on Smells like Teen Spirit. It is sounding awesome! Keep practicing I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor, and try to incorporate the chorus part we learned. Keep working on Black Dog. Remember to practice that tune at a slower speed, and focus on the hammer on / pull off. Practice each move separately: the hammer on, the pull off, and then all together. Try to get an even tone on every note. Great work!


Keep practicing Twist and Shout, it sounds awesome! Work on that A minor and F chord for next time. Try to incorporate those chords into that section of Let It Be we learned. We will finish that tune next time. Also try to experiment with your new guitar this week! Play with the tone knob, and the pick up selector. Try to find some tones you like!



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