Hello piano explorers and parents,

Welcome  to the second week of homework emails:


Great work finding the two black keys this week.  Now see if you can find the white key that’s in the middle. This is the Dog (aka D).  We talked about being a willow tree and having long flexible branches ( having relaxed arms).




Continue  playing your exercise in the dozen a day book. Also continue playing the William Tell Overture, with the eighth notes being shorter. Look ahead to prepare playing the chords.


Continue counting out loud while playing “Famous People” as it will help you keep a steady beat. Don’t forget to take a photo of yourself or Jeffrey on the piano so I can check your posture and position at home.


Continue getting more comfortable with the “Entertainer”. Its important to keep a steady beat when playing “Under the Sea”. For “Medley”, listen for a full sound from all the notes of the chords.


In “Skip to my Lou” hold the LH tied notes.  In “Oh Susannah” watch out for the chord with A instead of G


“Slurs” are connecting DIFFERENT notes while “ties” are connecting THE SAME notes. With “Morning Song” hold the LH tied notes while playing the RH smoothly.

Thank you,