Hi everyone! Hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day this week with some yummy treats!


*New* The Juggler – all. This piece the RH is in treble C position, while LH thumb is on middle C. Count the rests carefully and have fun bunching around all 3 Cs.

*New* Barefoot on the Beach – m1-9. The > symbols are accents that mean you can make those notes slightly louder than the rest. Be sure to bounce and play the staccato notes like a chicken pecking at their food.

G major scale – Nice job! Keep warming up with this hands seperate, and your C scale hands together.


Tattoo – Let’s record this soon to remember it.

Viva La Vida – Play the upper violin line where there is lyrics, when there isn’t lyrics, you can play the opening 4 bar cycle with both hands. The notes are the same in this version just there is minimal use of rests, and more tied notes. We colour coded the harmonic progression so you can see what chord goes with which lyrics.


Contrary motion C Major scale – you crushed this today! Both thumbs start on C and you perform your standard scale fingering going outwards, finishing with your pinkies and then come back. The hands mirror each other.

Ode to Joy – Next week we will play page 2.


*New* Paper Airplane – This piece is very similar to something you mightve played in the primer level However it is in treble C position instead of middle C position. Though it is easy to play, it is new for you to be reading these notes, so keep your head up and eyes on the page :)

C Major Contrary motion scale – great work! Keep it up.

*New* Love at First Bite piano part – You aced the drumming part of this today in lesson. Next week we will switch roles, you will play the piano part, and I will be your drummer!