All My Fellas – top notes only for now. Go slow and steady and use the written finger numbers. I drew lines over the skips, left the steps blank, and circled the bigger leaps.

A Skating Waltz – Practice each line multiple times. We want a steady continuous beat throughout the piece.

C Major triad pattern – You’re doing an amazing job of the notes and pattern, so your focus now is to use consistent fingering. 1 and 5 should *always* play the outside notes, and finger 3 or 2 can plau the middle note.

Happy Birthday lead sheet – a lead sheet writes the melody on the staff, and the chords as letters above it. Step 1: Learn the RH melody, watch for Bb. Step 2: Practice playing the LH chords of F, C, and Bb. Step 3: Slowly play hands together, playing a LH chord on the first beat of every measure.


Chinese Kite – first 4 lines. I circled the LH parts on the 3rd and 4th lines. Nice job on articulation.

Tattoo – up until star on second page. Great work! Play one hand along with the recording to see how things slot together if you lose the feeling.


Contrary motion C major scale – this is where your hands play in opposite directions. Start with both thumbs on middle C, and then use your normal scale fingering of 123 12345 and you’ll see how the hands mirror each other. There is only one thumb tuck per octave, make sure you end up with your pinkies on the “outer” Cs.

Lil Liza Jane – Both hands are in F position. This means that the lowest note in each hand is F. Listen and playalong here :)