Happy March Break everyone! Enjoy it <3


The Swing – **DOWNLOAD BY CLICKING TITLE** This is your March Break reading practice. It’s a beautiful piece, enjoy.

Avatar – greattttt progress! Begin working on the beginning, in addition to the spot you’re already tackling. The most important spots to practice are the beats before and after changing keys/positions. Work at a slow pace to get these changes in time without hesitation.


Mission Impossible. Great! Practice the first 3 beats of each bar HT. This will look like: Together R R L. All three RH notes fit within the first LH G, and the second LH G comes immediately after.
Also practice the C minor LH bassline section.

Composing assignment. Compose your melody, and write it in, remembering to put the note stems on the correct side of the note (look to the written part to see what’s correct) and then play your creation!

Rhythm worksheet #s 2 and 4 now. You did amazing work on 1 and 3, now this quarter note one will really help you with Never Gonna Give You Up as well as Mission Impossible.


Periwinkle Twinkle. Awesome work on the LH, and today in class you were able to play the opening two bars hands together! Please practice the opening bit hands together, as well as that same part when it’s in F. For the rest, keep going hands seperate being sure to count slowly and accurately. Everything can be reduced to 8th notes, 1+2+3+4+ to math it out. Don’t be afraid to write in counts.

*NEW* Crazy Comics.**DOWNLOAD BY CLICKING TITLE** Due to the syncopation, and how so much of the RH goes between the LH down beats, I think it is easiest to begin HT very slowly. Alternatively, you can tap the LH rhythm on a part of your piano, leg, or bench, while playing the RH in order to hear how they go together without the pressure of notes. Listen to videos of this piece on YouTube for guidance if you like.

Db Major scale – Db, Eb, Gb, Ab, Gb. RH fingering: 231 234 12. LH: 321 4321 2.


Pirates of the *South* Sea – D minor and A minor. Love your creativity with this piece! Great transposing! Have fun with it, I’m excited to hear what you’ve done next week! Continue to pay attention to the rhythms, and articulation, even when you are varying the notes and getting creative with it. Remember the opening rhythm includes 8th notes, and play them as such with a loose wrist, knocking motion.

A Major scale. Same fingering as your other scales, 3 black keys: C#, F#, G#.

I’ll find you a Star Wars arrangement for after break.