Hi everyone! You are all bringing great work to lessons and I appreciate it, keep it up! This is what I’d like for you to work on this week.

Jack- Please learn the entire Lesson 1 beat sheet. Take you time figuring them out and when it feels comfortable tro to speed them up a bit.

Jonathan- Take a look at Swing Sheet B with fills 4 and 5 like we did in the lesson. Try to get this up to 100 bpm by next Saturday. In addition, try to get more comfortable with Yes Indeed, mostly focusing on the hi hat for now.

Sam- Practice looking at the music while playing your exam music. This will help you be able to play a lot more accurately and in time. Work on making the time looking at the xylophone shorter, so you only have to glance at it to reorient your sticks then look right back at the music.

Harry- Look at the xylophone book from school and try to learn ther current and next page for our next lesson. Alos, please look at the Lesson 1 beat page and try to learn the first half of it. Take it slowly and work them all out note by note at first, this will make them much easier to play.

Sampson- Look at all six beats I have written in your binder, and try to work them up to 60 on the metronome. Take them slowly, note by note to make them more familiar. If they are still difficult, try splitting them up so you are only playing two instruments at a time instead of all three.

Ali- Look at Lesson 1 beat page, particularly the mottom line. If you get a chance, look at the next page as well.

See you all soon, happy practicing!