You should continue to work on your arrangement of Smoke on the Water, it is sounding great! Keep working on your open chords: G C D E A. We will continue to work on those bar chord shapes next time. Try to practice the bar chord shape without your 1st finger for now. Also, practice relaxing before you play by shaking hands gently and placing them comfortably on the guitar. Keep up the great work!


You should keep working on Roar. It is really coming together, good job! We will learn the rest of the melody. Keep practicing your chords: G C D. You should try to practice your chord shapes 5 minutes every day. Next time, we will work on the chords to Roar.


You should keep practicing your power chords, they are sounding great. We will continue to work on Smells like Teen Spirit. Bring another tune you want to work on for next time. Keep practicing your open chords, and try to memorize them. Keep working on the C major scale as well. Great work!


You should keep practicing Black Dog with the new part we learned, as well as Heartbreaker. Those are sounding awesome. You should work on the snake exercise I showed you (1234 all the way up, 5432 all the way down, and so on). Keep working on your major scales, minor scales, and your familiarization with the guitar neck. Also, practice the finger picking pattern I showed you (1 3 2 4) through the progression G C D. Bring a tune for next time you would like to work on! Everything is sounding great, keep it up!


You should keep practicing Day Tripper, it is sounding great. You should work on In My Life for next time. Play along to the tune, and get to know the structure. Keep practicing those chord shapes we went through: major and minor bar chords, major 7 chords, 7 chords. Keep working on your knowledge of the guitar neck, it is really coming along! Practice the diatonic chords we worked on by picking a major scale and playing the associated chord for every scale degree. Great job!