What to practice: Jumpin’ Jazz Cat, Allegro in D Major.

How to practice:

For Jumpin’ Jazz Cat, using a metronome at 110 bpm. Scales in the left hand with the volume increase (crescendo). Pay attention to each one of the dynamics in the piece.

For Allegro in D Major, read the first four bars with both hands. Make sure you are always playing F# and C#.


What to practice:

Joke for you (p. 57), Football Game (p. 58)

How to practice:

Joke for you: Play with dynamics. f (loud).

Football Game: start reading it.


What to practice: Favorite Words, Jingle Bells.

How to practice: For Jingle Bells, make sure you are starting from G position. (LH 5th finger in G; RH 1st finger in G).
For Favorite Words, practice the dynamic changes.


What to Practice:

Sonatina in C major, August.

How to practice:

Sonatina in C major: Slowly putting both hands together. If needed, practice with separate hands first. Up until the double bar.

August: Playing chords with both hands and without melody, making sure you are using the common notes between the chords to link them together. The left hand plays the bass note (i.e. C major–> C) and can be doubled. If possible, sing the lyrics over the chords, but without playing the melody.



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