Hi everyone,

Nice meeting you all today! Here are your assignments for the week:


Recommended practice time: 20-25 min/day

What to practice: Here’s a basic rock beat: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zEseEPD8pBX6eY7liOL7fvYGSkSjKOee/view?usp=sharing. Just keep repeating the pattern and try to add a crash cymbal hit on downbeat (beat 1).

How to practice: Try to use a metronome to work on making everything even. Use as many subdivisions as you need and make sure to keep it slow. Work your way up from 80 to 120 bpm. You know what it sounds like so be confident about it!


Recommended practice time: 20-25 min/day

What to practice: Here’s the pattern for the fill I wrote out for you today: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aERwyZrO48-V-TcbKBC4WNPCfuRpdcOf/view?usp=sharing. Just repeat the four-bar pattern and we’ll try and get you playing with music next week.

How to practice: Try using a metronome, you’re able to keep a solid beat but I think it can be even steadier. Having something there to lock you in will help you play with recordings too.


Recommended practice time: 10-15 min/day

You can drop by Long and McQuade or probably any music store for a drumpad to work with until you get a drumset. Barnaby says he might be able to give you one if you drop by.

What to practice: Work on your single strokes (one hand at a time) and just keep it steady.

How to practice: Remember 60 beats per minute (bpm)= 1 beat per second. Quarter note = 1 beat. Try practicing quarter notes and eighth notes one hand at a time. You will probably need to use both hands for sixteenth notes.


Have a good week and good luck to those of you starting school!



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