Great improvement on “When the Band Goes Marching”, keep working on the problem section, and start playing hands together on “Get Away”!



“Rockets” and “Sea Diver” – practice slowly and try to connect all bars without stop, also try playing loud (f) and soft(p) as written!

New song: “Fourth of July”



Review “Willie Tillie” from our lesson book, and keep working on playing hands together on “Il est ne, un divin enfant”!



Technique: Review scales & major triads, and b- triad; new: g- triad solid & broken

General: try not to “dance” with your fingers and swing your arms when playing – minimal movement

Etude: “Left Alone” – “hold-tap-tap”; work on voicing of the notes


Good work on learning a new song in the Preparatory A book! keep working on it hands together, and hands separately on the song from Alfred’s 1B!