Hi everyone! Please see below for homework suggestions.


-practice naming and playing bass clef notes
-practice Yankee Doodle from the lesson book


-warm up from pg 64 of green book: try to keep registration smooth, sing over the break
-“That’s mine” exercise – wide open mouth helps!
-Million Reasons: drill the tricky tuning sections; maintain breath support on “walk away” (maybe add a catch breath if needed?)


-A minor scale, harmonic and melodic
-Minuet in A Minor: 1st section hands together, 2nd section hands separately
-Keep working on Minuet in F
-Here is the link to the new Etude: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qr1Hg3PaOn2_k3COgwAU7n3jPHrx1yQu/view?usp=sharing
It’s just the one that says #3 (first half of page)


-This is Not Jingle Bells: Remember to move your LH in bar 7 so you now have your thumb on B (right beside middle C)
-The Juggler: Keep practicing, remembering to count all of the notes and rests in the “juggling” section; try not to speed up in the legato section
-E major and minor pentascale


-Practice Merrily We Roll Along and the 10-Second Song
-Here are the sheets for this coming week: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e9V6DVOKPhx2sCxlTfJ5nL7YwaM3WkBG/view?usp=sharing
If it’s too many to print, the only ones we really need printed are the songs (Hey Mr Half Note Dot, Gorilla in the Tree, My Invention). The other ones are just for reference, so as long as he is able to look at them during the lesson, they don’t need to be printed.