It was so lovely to spend time with you on Saturday.  Your work on Eency-Weency Spider was really great.  You have a lot of expression to share!  Practice doing the siren!  See how high you can sing.  Imagine you are an owl, how would an owl do a siren? with a very round mouth.  See if you can think of any songs you’d like to sing.  Maybe you have a few favourites?  I look forward to seeing you again very soon! :)

You’re doing so great Chiara.  I’m so pleased with your progress and your commitment.  I’m glad we are finding good songs that suit you.  The Les Poissons song is perfect for you.  I hope you enjoy learning it. Remember to do some warm ups and be very gentle with your voice.  Make the prettiest sounds you can. Imagine what an owl sounds like when you are doing warm up singing.  Try to sound like a clear sounding owl.  Keep working on the Moon Cookie song.  Try singing it without looking at the book.  Have a great week! :)

As usual I am very pleased with your work and how your voice is strengthening.  It’s good to find songs that are sung in an easy range and we will totally change keys to suit your voice, however, it’s good to work on music that is more challenging so that you can really learn your voice and understand how to get around difficult passages.  This will make your whole range very strong.  The humming and nasal warm-ups are the best thing for you right now. Keep it up and we’ll see you very soon! :)

Great work Nicole!  I am impressed with your tenacity.  You are learning very quickly and it shows you are enjoying the process. This week I’d like you to finish memorizing the I Don’t Know How To Love Him song.   Remember to work on making the vowels very pure so that your voice rings. Have a look at the Beyonce song – Halo as I mentioned.  We will work on it next week.  See you soon! :)