A breakthrough day!  Wow!  your voice is sounding great and getting clearer and clearer.  Keep trying different kinds of nasal voices on the Bare song.  Remember to bring your music in a duo-tang or binder next week.  It makes it easier to turn pages. :)  As we mentioned, have a look online or at the music store for a collection of songs you’d like to sing.   This might be a good one to try Budget Broadway – Hal Leonard .  Do a little singing every day, you will notice that your voice will get stronger and stronger, even before we meet again.  Take care!

You are doing so well!  This week sing Twinkle, Twinkle in different ways: very loud, very soft, like a cat, like a squeaky mouse, like a quiet fish.  Try as many as you can think of.  Try singing the siren sound every day, see how loud you can do it, and then how soft.  Make sure you sing a little bit every day.  See you soon! :)

It was so great to see you really discover the character of the chef in Les Poissons!  You did such a great job.  You make the music so fun to listen to!  While you are on holiday, try to do some singing each day, but remember to have lots of fun first!  See you in a while! :)


Fever and Cry Me a River are great choices for you!  I also think you should try Georgia.  See if you can find the Budget Jazz book I showed you.  Here are some other books that you might be interested as well.  Budget Books – Hal Leonard .  Check with the music stores or even Chapters for these.  Sing a little bit each day, you will notice your voice getting stronger.  Keep up the good work!  :)

Sounding really strong my dear!  Work to learn both of your sister’s birthday songs this week.  See if you can memorize one or both of them.  But!  also, do some gentle warm ups with your voice each morning or evening.  Use all of your breath with each exercise.  You’re doing great!  :)