Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Review the interlocking rhythm exercises that we worked on this week. Practice counting the rhythms in your head while you play. This will help with consistency and accuracy. Play each rhythm multiple times in a row before moving on.


Practice playing “Black Dog” all the way through from start to finish. Try to remember the form of the song so that you know where each of the transitions happens. Listening to the song a bunch this week will help.


Practice the syncopated drum beats, especially the new ones from this week. Take everything slow and be very conscious of which notes are on the beat and which ones are off beat. Keep a steady speed and don’t worry about going very fast.


Work on the main beats from “Dani California” – the verse beat and chorus beat. Try to make the beats really groove and feel comfortable. Practice the beats slowly and listen to the song a few times to get a sense of how it sounds.


Review the rhythms in your book. Try to play each one four times without stopping. Also, count out loud before you play. These exercises will help you with your rhythm reading.