What we worked on: We finished up White Christmas and began choosing a new song.

What to practice: This week, I want you to focus on reviewing what we’ve learned singing White Christmas – so breathing and vowels mostly. Spend around 10 – 15 minutes a day practicing. And spend some time thinking of a new song you’d like to learn. We want to stick in a similar vein to White Christmas, so something sort of jazz age, slower.


What we worked on: We continued working on Your Power. Here’s a karaoke track to practice at home with.

What to practice: We talked a lot today about the beach ball breath, and how we breathe – so spend some time before you fall asleep feeling how your body naturally breathes. It’s a lot deeper and lower than our daily breathing. This is the kind of breath that we want to use when we sing! I also want you to do some jaw shakes, like we tried in class today, and practice singing your song with a very over exaggerated jaw movement, to get that part of your face moving a bit more.