Hi everyone! Apologies on this being a day late.


What we worked on: We played around a bit, reviewing some of the technique we’ve learned so far including counting our fingers, finding middle C and exploring different sounds the piano can make. We also talked about starting to learn a real song!

What to practice: As we discussed, we really like using this book for practicing. Lizzie really enjoys some of the mini games and rhymes in it.

How long to practice: I always recommend between 10 – 15 minutes a day. Lizzie really gravitates towards the piano and playing with sound, so more exploration is always lovely.

How parents can assist in practicing: Encouraging her to keep going is always nice. She loves the sounds of the piano, so even just asking her to play something might really encourage her.



What we worked on: We continued working through ear training – you’re getting really good with recognizing your intervals! Keep practicing. We also worked through “How Great Thou Art” more.

What to practice: Practice “How Great Thou Art”, exploring your vowels. Try singing in a British accent, try removing the harder sounds, and keep dropping your jaw. Remember – the more space we can create for sound, the better.

How long to practice: 15 minutes a day would be best, so you have time to try different things as you practice.

How parents can assist in practicing: Now would be a really great time to ask him to ‘perform’ for you. He’s getting very comfortable with the song, so next steps is making him comfortable singing in front of people. The more comfortable he can get singing publicly, the easier the audition will be.