Hello Piano Explorers and Parents

Here’s today’s assignment:


Skip to my Lou: the notes are mostly correct; be careful at the end when you have two hands moving step by step in parallel motion. Start Leftover Popcorn this week. Play slowly and aim for thoughtful, careful practice. Aim to play each song 4-6 times daily.



Hush Little Baby: Well done holding down that G in the left hand. Be sure to follow each note and see if you’ve played all of them. Sometimes she mixes up D and F (from E, she goes down to D but should be going up to F).  We started This Land today (hands separate). Choose one “old” song to review this week. Be sure the rhythm stays accurate!



Rain, Rain is coming together, and keep playing this 4-5 times daily. Hot Cross Buns : The first line has the slower notes. Take care not to rush this part. She is playing the “one-a-penny, two-a-penny” section well. Remind her to look up and down to check the treble and bass clef.



Spring Theme: Check to make sure you’re playing the F sharps. On the second page, she is gradually improving in finding the notes outside of the hand position. Aim to practice this song 4-6 times daily.

M&M Medley: First page is doing well. On the second page, look out for B (don’t play the C).




Largo: She is doing better in keeping her fingers closer to the keys. To achieve a more efficient hand shape, imagine that you are grabbing something out from the bottom of the keys. This is how you can prevent collapsed finger joints.

Little Snail, Tisket-a-Tasket: These are new this week. We are adding a new note: F! You can put the yellow sticky tab temporarily onto the keys to help her find it quickly. Continue to be aware of the different types of note values (half notes are 2 beats, etc.). If you find Piano Maestro not very helpful, we don’t have to do it; some students find it stressful to play with the music. Or, you can also slow down the music by changing the metronome (tempo) setting. Let me know if you have any problems.



Thanks everyone and have a great long weekend!