Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Keep working on the exercises with the clave rhythm. Practice playing the right hand rhythms and the foot patterns separately with the clave, then try putting all three together. Start slowly with each combination of rhythms and always count the clave rhythm in your head before you play it. 


Good work with the accent patterns this week! Practice them again this week and see if you can figure out the new ones. Remember to do everything slowly at first and pay close attention to your stick heights. Also, practice putting the accents on the toms.


Practice the new beat from “Dancing Queen” this week. As always, start slow, but then see how fast you can go without sacrificing accuracy and consistency. Next week, if you’re up for it, we can try playing along with the recording. Also, review the clave rhythm exercises and latin beat from a few weeks ago.


We worked on three new beats this week and practiced counting the rhythms out loud before trying to play them. Use this approach in your practice session. Don’t just guess at home the rhythm should go – read it and count it out loud first. Then try playing it. We’ll be doing more practice on this next lesson.


Great work this week, Benjamin! We learned about the difference between drum beats and drum fills and practiced playing them. Remember when you’re practicing at home to always count out loud and stay in time – that means try not to speed up or slow down while you play.



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