Dear piano explorers and parents




Morning: (in your orange folder) Play to the end of this piece. Both hands move up to reach “A” in bar 6, and 14. Keep playing this daily.

Twinkle Twinkle Variation 2: (in your lesson book B) follow the movement of notes up and down. Cross your LH finger 2 over your RH to play A in the treble clef.




Sneaky Sam: Play the staccatos short in bar 17-19, 31-33. Don’t play quickly – you want to have control and accuracy when playing new material. In bar 15, play the grace note in the LH (play G# quickly to A). Check your chord notes in bar 17-20.

Jumping Jacks: Great job putting your hands together already! Bar 7 move RH finger 3 to A and LH finger 4 to D.




Aunt Rhody: Hold the LH chords for the entire bar. Watch out for where the LH has a rest. Press the chords down firmly and bring your hand closer to your body so the keys go down easily

Banana Boat Song: (NEW) This piece continues to reinforce the LH chords

Have a great week everyone.