Dear Piano explorers and parents

Here’s the latest update for homework.



Practice Hot Cross Buns hands separate, then put them together at a third of the speed (super slow). Continue to play Westminster Chimes, Brother John, Rain Rain Go Away for review/warmup. Well done on intervals today.


Complete one page in your Keyboard Theory. In your Piano Maestro song, be sure to play Bb not Ab. In Dinosaur Stomp you have the right idea in the LH. Be sure to play C, not D in the left hand.


In your new song Rain Rain practice the RH and LH separately for a few days, then slowly put them together. The LH has a new pattern, so be careful. Great job on On your Toes today. Keep playing this for review/warmup. Watch out that you don’t play extra notes.


Two new songs, Scotland Bells in your Piano Adventures book p. 61 and On your Toes in your orange folder. In Scotland Bells, use your LH to just play G and then F.


When the Saints is showing improvement in that you’re able to find the A’s quicker than last week. Continue to practice this, aiming for no mistakes in the left hand. Also be sure to hold the longer value notes and tied notes. Practice Oh Canada slowly, and think of how the song sounds in your head as you play. Watch out for the F#’s.


Star Spangled Banner: be on the look-out for fingering changes. Great job on This Land is your Land (you learned this song quickly this week!). Keep playing it and always aim for a steady pace. We’ll continue to do more work on rhythms next week.


Have a wonderful week everyone.