Hello Piano explorers and parents

Welcome to the first day of fall!

Continue to explore loud and soft sounds on your keyboard. Pre-imagine what the sound is that you want, and aim to produce that sound. Notice how fast/hard you need to press the key to get different dynamics (volume levels). I will continue to give you handouts.
This is the book I’m using: http://pianopronto.com/prelude/
Once we complete this book, we will be using this one: https://pianopronto.com/movement-1

You have improved a lot on playing solid chords. Passed “My Pony” but try to continue reviewing it, and polishing it even more.
New song “Song for Scarecrow”. We will work more on playing scales next week but try your best to play it in your RH, starting and ending on C.

Your hand position is improving. We added three new songs today. When you have repeated notes, aim to keep them steady (don’t play them faster because they’re easy)

Continue to polish and review “Good King Wenceslas”. Two new songs to explore this week! Take care to follow the finger numbers carefully.

Continue to refine the harmonization exercises. Plan ahead which inversion you want to use for the chords. Once you are able to play the chromatic scales without a fumble in the fingering, you can gradually increase your speed.

Your “Snake Dance” made a lot of progress this week! You’re remembering to play the “flats”. In “If you’re happy and you know it”, practice it at a slower speed so you don’t feel so rushed to clap and find your position again. This is a tricky song so practice the RH fingering carefully, especially near the end. We didn’t have much time to spend on “My Country tis of thee”, so try your best and we will work on it more next week.
Since he is near the end of the book, please order the following (we will likely start it in two weeks):
You can order the ebook and print out the pages, or order the hardcopy (but pay for shipping and wait a week).

Two new songs this week. When playing “staccato” (short), use your wrist to help your hand bounce up, but don’t forget to also press firmly to the bottom of the key to achieve a nice, full tone. When playing “Love Somebody”, use the finger numbers as a help/hint to decide which notes play together.

Thanks everyone!


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