HI Olivia, Bohan, Amy and Tyler,

Here is your homework for the week.



Thank you for an excellent lesson. Your intonation is really improving!  Keep practicing scales. They are fundamental to developing good violin technique.

Practice this week minor scales: A and D minor and also arpeggios. Also practice c major scale and arpeggios. Finger pattern: 1st and 2nd finger close. Play separate bows, quarter notes, slow tempo. Listen to each note.

Tip: major scales: semi-tones are between 3rd & 4th note and 7th & 8th note.

Memorize c major scale and arpeggio.

Review: g major scales ( 2 octaves). Practice scales with different rhythms ( handout). Divide g major scale into 2 octaves: practice upper octave first; next, lower octave. Then, play it as a 2 octave scale. Do the same with A major scale.

Review: D major scale and arpeggio ( one octave).

Also practice your songs.

Next lesson we will learn faster bowing patterns and f- major scale and arpeggio.

Glad you are feeling better! Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!



Thank you for sharing your favourite musical. I will try to find the music to the “Mia and Sebastian” theme. Please photocopy “prayer”. Practice “prayer” together with piano accompaniment. YouTube: listen and practice to ” prayer”accompaniment by Michelle Rowland. Think about places where you might want to play in a higher register. Please listen to Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli version on YouTube also.

Bach Double Concerto: please prepare mm 37 to 42. Also mm 63 to 75 and mm 53 to 70. Review tutti passage on 1st page to 1st solo. Also keep practicing the solo passages we’ve covered so far. We have almost covered the Bach double. Let’s keep going to the Finish!  Hope I will have the score by Sunday. Keep up the excellent work in the Bach!

We will practice ” prayer” as violin duett and work on Bach double concerto next lesson, especially mm 37 to 42. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!



Thank you for working so hard in your lesson. You had really good focus. Glad you brought your orchestra music. Next lesson please also bring Pachelbel Canon and Vivaldi winter- largo  Please keep practicing the shifting exercises and 3rd position studies.

Pat a Pan: practice 2nd violin solo part. Practice slowly in lower half of bow. Note 2 up bows in bar 57. Play staccato notes in bar 57 to 59.

Ice sculptures: tip: mark bowings into your part for clarity. It really makes the music easier to read. Practice the piece as we discussed: a few bars at first and then adding bars together. Section bars 68 to 72: practice slowly and gradually increase tempo. In both pieces pay attention to dynamics.

To challenge yourself a little ( for practice only) play part of piece ” Pat a Pan” in 3rd position.

Next lesson:we will go over your orchestra pieces to prep for your test and discuss Pachelbel Canon.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!



It was so nice to meet you. Thank you for an inspiring lesson.  Please practice intervals  ( 5th and 8vs). Songs are: “Twinkle little star” (p5) and ” Somewhere over the Rainbow “(8ve). I will have songs for other intervals for you next lesson.

Please buy a new e string. Please briefly review Principles of Tone Production:

Bow pressure, bow speed and sounding point. We will talk more about this next lesson.

Please also practice string crossings as we discussed.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!