Hey everyone, here is the homework for this week!


  • Start working on A harmonic, melodic and natural minor. You can reference the scale book if you want. Also, start thinking about minor harmony and memorizing your relative minors (eg. C = A, D = B, etc.)
  • Think about subdividing this week. When you see a dotted quarter note, try thinking of it as three eighth notes or a quarter tied to a eighth note. Pay attention to which part of the beat each note falls on (1, and of one, etc.)
  • Keep working on your band music.


  • Keep working through your major scales – C, G, F, D, Bb and A (and their corresponding arpeggios). With Bb – focus on the transition from F to Eb. Isolate any other problem areas within the scales, and try to work them all up to 60.
  • Keep working through the over the break exercise in the Galper book. Take it note by note, and make sure to slow it down.
  • Work on the sections we discussed of the March.
  • Focus on your fingers and keeping them closer to the keys!! Especially your ring and pinky fingers on your right hand.


  • Try to make sure Thomas is practicing regularly – ideally at least twenty minutes a day! This will ensure faster progress.
  • Thomas should be working on C and F major scales.
  • Thomas should also be working on the exercises we discussed in the Rubank book. Make sure he is using a metronome.


  • http://www.rrcs.org/Downloads/Eb%20Alto%20Sax%20Fingering%20Chart5.jpg
    Here is a link to a fingering chart! Work on your fingerings from C# down to low C, AKA the chromatic scale. Try practicing this with a metronome at 60, holding each note out for 8 beats. Make sure to stay loose and relax your jaw, especially for the lower notes!
  • Try practicing C major scale.


  • Fur Elise – make sure Camille practices with a metronome, and transitions to the next bar/sections in time. Watch out for her tendency to hold rests a bit too long. Also, make sure she uses lots of air in the upper register so that the notes are more even throughout both octaves.
  • Camille can keep working through her major scales and her band music as well.