HI Olivia, Bohan and Amy, here is your homework for the week.


Please come to ABC recital on Dec 3 ( 12p, 1p, 2p). There will be no violin lesson on Dec 3rd!

Thank you for organizing your music. Please review circle of fifth and sight reading tips for next lesson. Nice try on the sight reading.  Before you practice a scale, name the key signature and half steps. This will help with sight reading also.

Practicing: please practice A minor and D minor harmonic scales. C major scale. G major,  D major and A major scales ( 1 octave, starting on open string).

Arpeggios: D minor and A minor. C major. G major, D major and A major.

Next lesson we focus on your songs. Please practice your songs with warm-up.

Song: “my heart will go on”.Warm-up with G major scale ( 2 octaves).

Song: “he’s a pirate” . Warm-up with A major scale ( 2 octaves) in 6/8 rhythm pattern.

Song: “fellowship of the rings” . Warm-up with D major scale ( 1 octave).

Song: “Skye boat song” . Warm-up with D major scale and double stop warm-up.

Next lesson: all Songs! Going to discuss and practice Circle of fifth and intervals. Keep up the excellent Practicing Olivia!

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!



Please come to ABC recital on Dec.3. (12p,1p,2p). There will be no lesson on Dec 3rd!

Nice start on song ” prayer.” Please practice song with YouTube piano accompaniment by Michelle Rowland. More bow speed on legato notes.

Mia and Sebastian Theme: please practice ” theme “with nice legato lines. Take a stab at fast section practicing slowly with accurate rhythm. Then gradually increase tempo.

Bach Double: ( look at last week’s homework post for mm’s to prepare).

Next lesson: ensemble playing with Prayer, Mia and Sebastian theme and Bach double.

Hope you get to practice with your piano friend. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!



Please come to ABC recital on Dec 3rd. (12p, 1p,2p). There will be no lesson on Dec 3rd.

Good work on beginning of Pachelbel. Please practice new bowing passage.  Count in 8th Notes!  Please, please bring Vivaldi winter largo to next lesson.

Pat a Pan: needs some work on bowings. Solo: watch bowings in mm 57 to 61 and mm 90 to 94 ( same bowing!). Different bowings in mm 62 to 64 and mm 95 to 97!

Also review mm 20 to 27 and mm 35 to 42  for bowings.

Intonation: on e string 1st finger f# and second finger g are close.

Review Ice sculptures. Good playing overall!

Next lesson: sight reading.  Pachelbel Canon and Vivaldi.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!