Hi everyone,

Here is the homework for this week.


  • www.1on1physio.com – here’s the link for my physiotherapist’s web site. Her name is Tricia.
  • Keep working on band music. Pay attention to ties, dynamic & articulation markings, & difficult rhythms. Focus on parts where your have to shift your focus from the first ending to the start of the repeat sign.
  • Use blue book (Rubank) to work on the break. Feel free to add dynamics & articulations to the notes. You can use this book as a warm up/long tone session as we discussed.
  • Maybe focus a bit more on scales, thirds & arpeggios this week; up to you.
  • Try twenty minute practice sessions.


  • Work on coming down the chromatic scale.
  • Work on C & F major scales & arpeggios. Try to make the notes more connected & legato as opposed to short.
  • Work on the page we looked at in the Rubank book – I believe it was 22. Focus on getting the correct articulations & try using a metronome!
  • Make sure to bring the rock band music next week.


  •  Work on chromatic scale starting on low B-Flat. Focus on the new low fingerings we worked on today (Bb, B, C, & C#).
  • Remember to use lots of air for lower notes!
  • Continue looking at C major scale & arpeggio.
  • Try reading through the Rubank book (the first couple of pages or so). Pay attention to the length of the notes (half notes, whole notes).

Good luck with the practicing, see you guys next week.