• Watch those fingers! Play these exercises for about 5 minutes each session: play F and G back and forth, B and C, G and A (play with alternate fingering 3rd valve only), C and D. Play slowly and be VERY careful to keep all 3 fingers on the valves, and only move the ones you need to.
  • Posture: make sure you’re always playing sitting up and with your neck straight, not tilted to one side.
  • Review the alphabet song, and work on Lesson 1 from your book with a metronome (or garageband drum beat).


  • Keep up the buzzing, starting every time with siren sounds. DO NOT buzz too loud, it should not be anywhere near as loud as the trumpet.
  • Pick a pitch (not too high or low) and buzz it for 8 beats at 60 bpm. Strive to keep the pitch as consistent as possible, without wavering up or down. Repeat with a few other pitches.
  • Continue buzzing simple songs you know.