Bayli Cohen

Good work on Tuesday!

Your music reading skills are coming along quite well. Keep up the great work! During the lesson we worked on a rhythm practice worksheet together and I sent one home with you for independent practice. Please practice clapping out those rhythms while counting out loud and write out the G Major scale (one octave ascending and descending). Next lesson we will take up this sheet together and review your progress. When playing your flute, remember to breathe and support with your mid-abdominal area. Try not to breathe with the chest as this will not allow you to obtain good breath support for a good tone. During our lesson I discussed what long tones are. Starting on the note ‘B’ you will play this note for 2 beats, and then down to B-flat you will play until the end of your breath. Continue this going down chromatically. This will help you develop good breath support and improve the quality of your flute tone. Lastly, remember to practice your pieces in ‘chunks’. This will help you to avoid becoming frustrated when practicing and can help when practicing difficult pieces.

Next week we will…

-work on how to articulate notes and talk about the different types of articulations and how to play them.

-continue on note, rhythm work, and theory.

-Work on school band pieces.

-Go over the assigned homework sheet.


See you next week!