Bayli Cohen


Good work on completing the theory worksheet that was assigned last lesson. Next week please have the G Major one octave scale that you wrote out on your worksheet prepared to play for me on Tuesday. Remember, before practicing/playing, it is very important to warm-up on your instrument. A good start to any warm up would be to practice your long-tones. Start on the mid stave ‘B’ and go down or up chromatically holding the first note for 2 beats and then the next note for as long as you can while maintaining breath support and good tone. This will not only be a good warm-up but will also help you develop stamina for your breath support and overall tone quality on the flute. Please remember to practice your school band pieces. If you need to write the letter above a note to help you remember it, that is ok. The more you practice, the more familiar you will become with where the fingers go on the keys as well as which note is which on the stave. While practicing your band music, try to split it up into chunks, don’t always start right from the beginning of a piece.

Good work this week and remember to practice.

See you next Tuesday!