Have fun shifting!!!

Position Pieces  – Position Pieces for Cello

D major 2 octaves

  • careful when moving back into non extended
  • use the full bow
  • add 2 notes per bow
  • left arm a little higher for the C string
  • makesure to use the full bow. Make sure to connect Down bow to Up bow and vise versa

2nd posiiton shifting exercise

  • repeating 4th finger in first position shift to 2nd finger in 2nd position
  • shift initiates with the elbow.Draw a semi circle to lift the weight out of the string, slide up for the next position. Slide the thumb along the back of the neck.
  • Thumb should stay against the neck during the shift, and under the 2nd finger
  • nothing changes except how open the elbow is. No wrist rotation
  • repeat shift 4 times in a row, in tune, then play a scale up to D on the A string (4th finger on the A string, first position)
  • A string repeat 4 times in a row in tunes, play a scale back down to G on D string. Rinse and repeat!
  • it is a fluid motion, like throwing a ball
  • you can check intonation with open D and G strings, but also D or G drones

Sight read Fanfare – Plucking

  • analyze where each position is, and when have to shift
  • plucking only!


  • Great memorizing!
  • 4th finger a little lower – thinking closer to 3rd finger
  • Dots –  practice the stroke on the open strings. Sink into the string, make a quick semi circle motion. Think of a bouncey motion. We want each note to have a sticky consonant sound
  • small amount of bow for dotted notes, make sure to come out of the string
  • pinky on the bow!
  • after plucking, and practicing just open strings, then add everything together under tempo



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