Here’s the link for the book I sent last week again.


Do 1-8 from the file I shared. Practice at 100-120 bpm. Focus on adjusting your grip; relax and use more wrist.

Try learning the double-stroke and closed roll. I’ll keep working on it with you next lesson.

If you want to play some songs then bring them in; otherwise, we’ll mostly be doing basic reading exercises in lessons for now.


Work on adjusting your grip and just play single strokes. Do the reading exercises from lessons 1 and 2, and get the rock beat from lesson 2 rock solid!


Try working on double strokes to slowly build the double stroke roll. Otherwise just remember to play slow. If you get the chance to play then practice at 80 bpm.

Reminder that your lessons will be on Sat for the next week or two.

Good work everyone!