Good to see everyone this week! Recommended practice time is again 15 minutes per day 5 days of the week :) Really happy with everyone’s progress so far!!


Our biggest goal over the next few weeks is to get you more comfortable reading notes! I will supply worksheets for that next time. In the meantime…
-In the Hall – practice the first page hands separately
-My Funny Valentine – practice hands separately up until where we marked in the music; pay attention to the note values! (half note vs quarter, etc.)
-G major scale + triads – practice slowly until you feel more confident with it, then gradually try to play it faster
-Please get a folder/duotang/binder to keep your music in for next week!


-Please remember the workbook next week! :)
-start your practices with the usual breathing and sirens/sighs
-practice singing scales with “do re mi” ascending and descending
-drill that section of the chorus of Looking For America we discussed–focus on not letting the really low notes pull you down; shift back to your more “comfortable” place and land those pitches confidently!
-when singing/practicing any of this, focus in on finding the centre of the pitch–singing along with the track or checking on a piano will help!


-please purchase the Celebrate Theory Level 1 book, published by the RCM (orange and white cover) that I linked in the previous hmwk post! This will be integral to becoming more confident with reading notes!
-A Whole New World – first practice hands separately and then try putting it hands together up until the chorus; always remember to count and hold each note for its full value!
-Tomorrow — listen to a few recordings of it this week; sing through the song and get more familiar with the tune and lyrics


-Rudolph — drill the sections we’ve added special fingering for; it’s important to use repetition here to break any previous habits! Also watch out for the “skips” we’ve marked
-Hickory Dickory Dock — practice it hands together for the first two lines, then hands separately for the final line. If you end up feeling really confident in it hands separately, then try putting it together again!


-All Is Found – feel free to work on your lyric colouring cheat sheets! As you’re colouring in the pictures/symbols, remind yourself of the words aloud. Try this especially for page 3 (which is the bridge section, where the words are totally different)
-try to practice our “mee, may, mah, moh, moo” exercise — how long can you moooooo for?
-we will also do a colouring sheet for My Favourite Things next time/soon, so in the meantime, you can also practice singing along to that song too!


-get a music folder/duotang/binder if you don’t already have one and always remember to bring it to your lessons!
-Faded — continue practicing the section we were working on in the last lesson
-practice naming the notes aloud from Middle C up to Treble G. Then try to name them going DOWN from Middle C to Bass F.


-get a music folder/duotang/binder if you don’t already have one and always remember to bring it to your lessons!
-Believer — continue practicing the section we were working on in the last lesson. If you have time, you can also try adding more on as well!
-C major scale and triads — practice your scale and see if you can gradually play it faster. For the triads, remember each chord needs to have a C, E, and G in it, it’s just that their order keep shuffling! (C E G, E G C, G C E, C E G, and then go back down). Try this in the LH too :)

To everyone: Please try to remember your music when you come to lessons! Everyone forgets things occasionally, but try not make a habit out of it as I can’t always make extra copies of things and it’s important to see your own pencil markings on your own scores!

Enjoy your week everyone and see you next time!