She should keep on practicing C, G and Dm chords. She should practice them by switching back and forth between them. She should also keep on practicing alternating her middle and index fingers of her right hand (leaning on the respective upper string), in order to be able to play Yankee Doodle with this new right hand technique.



He should practice Day Tripper, the whole song. Especially its chorus, with the barre chord progression: F#, A, G#, C# and B. Another important part to be practiced is the Riff in B, in which following the suggested fingering is quite important. It’s the only way to achieve a clear execution of that part.



Matthieu should also play Spanish Romance, the whole song. The fingering suggestions are a must for this piece; please make sure he’s following all of them. A strong focus should be the second part in E major. He should pay attention to each one of the shapes to this part and to the changes between these shapes , as well as to the melody line (most of the time at the first string) and the bass to each one of the shapes.



Paul should review the concept of Secondary dominants, play the independent dominants to each one of the chords of a given key (please do it in at least three keys other than C major), both on the guitar and on the piano. In addition to that, he should play the suggested progressions examples the same way and identify: The central key of each one of them and each one of the chords’ function in relation to the key.

He should also play Greensleeves – the whole song. Focus on the changing shapes and chords, especially at the beginning of the second part.



He should practice Eleanor Rigby’s guitar arrangement, the whole song. He should make sure he’s using the same right hand technique as the one used for fingerpicking patterns. Pay attention to all the repetitions, changing chords and bass lines. We are going to be fine tuning this song next week.



He should practice Joshua fought the battle of Jericho at page 53 of the book. He should also review the concepts of eighth note rest and syncopation, by reading pages 52 and 53. Exercises #12, 13, 14 & 15 should be practiced as well. Julian should make sure the rhythm is followed, especially on the parts dealing with syncopation.