Hello Piano Explorers and Parents

Here’s today’s assignment:


Hush Little Baby: Keep your eyes on the notes, not the lyrics of the song. This will help you track where you are in the song, and to play more accurately.

Itsy Bitsy Spider: (NEW) Also keep your eyes on the notes.

Down in the Valley: Play this song hands together, and slowly.



Merrily We Roll Along: Play this slowly and carefully, hands together. Aim to play the song 4 times daily.

Itsy Bitsy Spider: (NEW) Keep your eyes on the notes. Aim to play 4 times daily.



Ode to Joy: This is coming together! Keep playing this to find the LH notes in bar 11 and 12 fluently.

Simple Gifts: (NEW) notice how the notes move (up or down).

Fur Elise: (NEW) This is an adapted version of the more advanced version. Be sure to start on G and notice the sharps and natural signs.



O, My Dear Augustin: Great work on this! Keep playing the song to get more familiar with it and be able to play it smoothly. Instead of only starting a song by finding a “position”, read the note and finger number.

Spring Song: (NEW) This is in G major, so look at the starting notes and finger numbers. On the second page, you’ll need to move up one note in both hands.



Lil’ Liza Jane: (NEW) Notice where the RH finger 5 moves up to A. Be sure to hold the half notes for their full value.

Itsy Bitsy Spider: (NEW) The LH is added (G). Since the tune is so well-known, I allow students to “swing” the quarter notes if they like.



Have a wonderful week everyone!