Dear piano explorers and parents

This was the last week of May lessons and June is just around the corner!  I’m available for summer lessons for those who are interested.


Oh Susanna:  I like to give Veda hints about what happening (ex. look up at see what is in the LH, does the RH have two G’s or three?) etc. so she will play it correctly. Then, I ask her to play the song again, with fewer hints, with the goal being able to play perfectly without any hints.

Morning: Veda played this hands together. It is less complicated in the LH than Oh Susanna so she should be able to manage it. One newer concept is the tied notes in the LH (see the long pink lines). Play the circled chords and hold the other ones.



Old MacDonald :  Much improved today on this!  You can keep it as a “warmup” song. Have fun!

Morning: (NEW) Note the two different LH chords. Watch out where the fingers reach up to A and come back down.





Starfish at Night: Use your fingers like a “brushing motion” to play the glissando without injuring yourself. Be careful not to press too hard. Check that you are beginning with the low C in the LH. Bar 5 – 12: be sure to play the first pattern loud, then when you move up, play quietly like an echo.

Sneaky Sam: Use your note reading knowledge to find out what the notes are on the first page (we worked on the first three lines together). Play the staccatos short! Don’t play quickly – you want to have control and accuracy when playing new material.



Can’t Let Go: Nice work today. You played quickly too!  Check that your LH wrist doesn’t arch up – imagine you are making a cave with your hand.

Nightfall: (the second version) Move your hands up one note (you’re in D minor position). Play carefully and ask her look down to see if she is playing the correct note. Moving out of a familiar position can be tricky!

Love Somebody: This is in C position and the LH joins in to play more!  Check again that she keeps her left wrist down, and a nice space under her hand. Curving fingers will help create the space.